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Dizifilms Moments

The world of aerial cinematography is upon us. The level of expertise and equipment now required within music festivals, advertising and multimedia productions calls for the flexibility, efficient and impressive support of unmanned aerial systems. More economical than expensive towers or cranes, UAS allows us to provide unparalleled shots from what was before an unachievable vantage point, without the laborious task of planning and set up times. 

The world of Land Development will be redefined by Aerial Technology and aiding a developer or broker in giving them a unique look at the property, whether private or public, commercial or in design stages.

Police Departments across the world already incorporate manned air assets in their everyday role and the protection of the community. These assets are manned and fueled at increasing costs and are the limited by the amount of time they are airborne. An integrated system incorporating several persistent and reaction based assets both manned and unmanned can allow Police Departments to reduce patrols, response times and increase the detection and prevention of unlawful acts.

Whilst enjoying our country’s natural beauty members of our community can be vulnerable to injury, this may result in them becoming lost, and unable to receive medical treatment. Enduring unmanned assets can be used to monitor the most vulnerable areas, by tracking walkers/visitors. Search & Rescue teams can be launched at a moments notice to provide necessary sometimes life saving treatment including vital medicine, food and water while the rest of the rescue crew arrives to the scene. 

In today’s world extreme weather conditions and natural disasters can affect local communities for months if not years after the event. Providing support to not only those in need but the agencies providing them with security and care is just as important. UAS can allow us to provide persistent, enduring support in the form of security, aid relief and communications.

Landowners and farmers can often struggle to maintain awareness of their property and crops, this may result in an inability to detect when there has been damage due to inclement weather, theft or poaching. The use of unmanned assets in conjunction with advanced camera systems will allow us to monitor these effects whilst also detecting soil and mineral changes. The ability to preserve and secure these resources will enable the owner to optimize returns within their development promoting growth and yield.

Finite resources and ever increasing consumer costs, mean that the provision of Renewable Energy becomes more real everyday. UAS are capable of close visual inspection of alternative energy facilities such as wind turbines, hydro electric dams and solar farms. Precise inspections can be conducted more quickly than conventional methods and unmanned technology allows us to reach offshore or remote locations without any interruption to operations.

Oil and Gas pipelines and infrastructure provide the world with the power it needs, to do so these assets must be maintained and secured. Routine maintenance is often carried out to ensure vital infrastructure is operating at optimum levels. Immune to the most hazardous environments, including smoke and toxins, UAS are able to operate day or night equipped with an array of visual and sensor technology. 

Worldwide there are thousands of miles of utility pipelines and pylons supporting our homes and businesses. The loss of water or power can severely hinder day-to-day living or in some cases render business inoperable. The use of UAS to support utility providers in maintain these services can dramatically reduce operating cost and in turn consumer prices.

Imagery Analysis and Intelligence plays a vital role in the provision of security throughout society and our everyday lives. Live Video and Imagery Platforms such as ours are an integral component of any surveillance system, in particular those found in public institutions such as airports, hotels and educational establishments.

Dizifilms offers detailed Multi-Media Imagery and Video Analysis. Our Intelligence and Imagery Professionals strive to provide our customer with a comprehensive detailed analysis of potential threats or weaknesses highlighting any incidents that may have occurred.

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