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Since the invention of photography, man has constantly invented and innovated to make aerial photos, the first aerial photograph was taken of a dirigible balloon in 1858, since the techniques evolved and he is more and more simple to take the height to achieve beautiful shots. The invention of the photograph would officially be January 7, 1839, but the first photo would have been made between 1826/27, the first aerial photo was made by an aerosier in 1858 in the sky of Paris. Since that day, photographers have always wanted to gain height by using different systems, the hot-air balloon, the kite, the airship, or more surprising inventions, such as the photographer's pigeon, imagined by a German inventor who equipped pigeons travelers of a camera or camera to make aerial photos. It is especially during the Second World War that aerial photography will undergo a considerable development, developed by the military.

See above a video directed by David Etienne Durivage aboard

his ULM equipped with a DJI OSMO RAW camera.

The miniaturization of the cameras allowed to develop a new unmanned aircraft on board. This new machine, called drone, allowed the greatest number to be able to make all types of aerial photography at affordable prices. Arrived very fast in airspace, forced the authorities to react and impose strict rules, managed by Transport Canada.

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