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Dizifilms' DNA


DIZIFILMS team brings together enterprising professionals from diverse backgrounds and experiences.


Our passion drives us in every project we do.

Each stage of our different projects is led and supervised by competent and motivated specialists.

Our collaboration ensures effective and permanent communication.

Montreal Drone team

Direction of Photography
Direction of production
Sound recording
Original music

Choose Dizifilms for a drone shooting in Montreal



Dizifilms offers the best references on the market, easily scalable for video or photo drone deployable in Montreal and region.


The many shots taken in Montreal allow us to appreciate the technical and legal complexities. Our relationship with the Montreal Film Board, which issues authorizations for UAV flights, makes us effective and legitimate.



Dizifilms has a versatile technical team, able to intervene in Montreal and in the region, ie in areas requiring an advanced flight operator certificate. That's why we have a team internally dedicated to requests for flight authorizations.


Our expertise allows you to define an effective strategy and offer you calibrated and actionable results to define an effective strategy.

An exceptional view of Montreal to discover without delay! Specialized in aerial photography, Dizifilms offers you a great way to report shots, accurate and beautiful.


Dizifilms has a service tailored to your needs, whether you are individuals, professionals, organizations or companies: for your advertising, your events, your promotions, your documentaries, prepare a trip or promote the City of Montreal is now possible!


Thanks to the speed, the precision of the drone's movement, the efficiency and the performance of its air movements make it possible to obtain amazing renderings and to answer the needs of a creative and concrete way that you hope for your project and this in in accordance with the regulations in force.


Define your desires and needs in terms of situations are our priority, we have quality equipment, our team of audiovisual professionals, cameramen and drivers are at your side to ensure the best result.

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